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For years, Hype Media Global has worked to present the best in international programming. Featured on public access cable in major urban environments such as Atlanta and D.C. as well as states like Kentucky and New Mexico, this expansion will allow more people to experience Hype Media Global and its multi-faceted programming options.

The role of traditional television has given way to streaming services, and small, independent networks like Hype Media Global have felt the pinch in the last decade. This decision to expand beyond traditional platforms will certainly help the station grow.

The media group features the absolute best in a variety of programs appealing to a diverse audience, with a large percentage of their viewers being collegiate educated individuals. This includes talk shows, panel discussions, documentaries and more. Topics range from interviews to helping entrepreneurs break into business niches.

“The decision to expand into streaming platforms just made sense for the Hype Media Global team. We already have good saturation in major markets, but this will allow us to reach the smaller markets in various locations across the U.S. There are plenty of potential viewers who would enjoy the offerings we have. This is a major step for us. We are very excited to see what the future holds for our station,” said Lala Jones, Media Director for Hype Media Global.

The website offers a glimpse into the media group and its many offerings.  Upcoming shows, current listings and more are available. Go to to learn more and find local listings.

About Hype Media Global
Hype Media Global distributes radio, television, film and licensing content globally, producing 100+ hours of programming. The company also owns and operates radio stations, television channels and streaming networks, providing its estimated 10 million weekly listeners and viewers with a variety of quality content.

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