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Hype Media Global Announces Release Date for “Diamond Cups” 

A Documentary Featuring Inspiring Stories from Individuals who have risen from Failures in Jobs, Business Ventures, Past Relationships and More.

Los Angeles, CA – June 05, 2020 - Hype Media Global is pleased to announce that they are all set to release “Diamond Cups” Documentary winter 2021. The documentary will feature testimonials from individuals who have experienced failure in jobs, business ventures, past relationships and many other such situations in their career and personal life. These personal stories of failures, hardships and learnings will guide the viewers into identifying strategies used by these participants to become successful despite setbacks.

The documentary named “Diamond Cups” aims at shedding light with in-depth details about the kind of failures individuals experience in life. In these testing times, it is but motivating to be able to learn from these true experiences. Not all individuals who have experienced failure can cope up without the support from family and friends. They need guidance and assurance that they are not alone. And this documentary is just a genuine attempt to help people realize that failures are a part of life and what is important is to embrace these failures as learnings for the betterment of the future.

Those who would like to share their own story in this upcoming documentary “Diamond Cups”, may send an email to With over 10 million listeners and viewers every month, Hype Media Global has some amazing programs, talk shows, pod casts and many more streaming on major platforms such as YouTube, Fire TV, Apple TV, Facebook Live, iTunes, Spotify and many more. Hype Media Global is also an independent supplier or radio, television and film to US Broadcast and International markets.

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