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ATLANTA, GEORGIA- May 11, 2020- SOUND DISCOVERIES: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES. Do you believe in life after death? Do you know what comes next after death? Some research suggests that once you leave this world, you are can never return. However, some people have been very close to death and have gone through what is referred to as near-death experiences and come back to life.  Near-death experiences often refer to a personal experience that is related to a person’s impending death, which comprises various physical and spiritual phenomenon such as out-of-body sensations, a sense of being dead, feelings of levitation, warmth, flashbacks, visions of spiritual beings and many other phenomena.

In this discovery, we focus on people from all backgrounds who have had near-death experiences. We hear their stories: what led to the occurrence, the thing that happens while they were in a near-death state, and how this experience changed them. Sound discoveries bring together experts from religion, science, and technology to showcase and explain participant testimonies. If you are interested in research related to the afterlife, then this documentary is a must-watch for you. 

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