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Reality Television Show®

Tagline: They Know Something You Don’t Know!

Executive Producer/Game Show Host: D. Anthony Miles


DESCRIPTION: The Consultants Television Show ® is a new, exciting, hip, and fresh reality television show.  

SHOW FORMAT. The Consultants ® is a one-hour weekly television show that focuses on helping failing and struggling businesses that need help. The show is made of two consulting teams of experts (PhDs and MBAs) from colleges and universities around the country.  The teams will be recruited by cast calling around the country assemble the two teams.

Every week the two teams compete against each other by providing the best advice for helping the struggling businesses by pitching their consulting advice and presenting their campaign to the audience, advisory panel and business owner. The audience will be able to call in and vote for the best teams’ advice and campaign.

The business panel votes on the teams’ best advice and winner is picked every week. As the season winds down, the team with the most weekly wins, will win the grand prize of $1 million dollars. If there is a tie between the two teams, there will be a major consulting task and who wins will be declared the season’s winner. 

POTENTION SUCCESSFUL PILOT: The Consultants ® has the potential for being a historical successful reality show. It has the potential for being one of the most successful pilots in network television. The reality show has the potential to be one of the highest ratings on network television. The show will attract audiences around the country with some of the most interesting real-life struggling businesses. This show will bring an innovative style and will not follow the common formulaic reality show types.  

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